Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Beach

Ever since we learned that we would be moving to VA, I have been itching to go to the beach.  I am such a summer person and absolutely LOVE the beach. We weren't sure if we would be able to go before summer ended but last minute stumbled on a hotel deal we couldn't pass up and took the opportunity to soak up the last of summer!  I must say that it was an amazing time! We packed picnic food, sand castle tools, our suits, and headed out for two sun filled days of fun!  The kids loved playing in the sand, Owen especially thought it was great because sand is of coarse a close relative to dirt and playing in something like dirt all day is every boys dream. Eliana loved splashing in the water and looking for shells. Owen's fearlessness kept us on our toes as he continuously tried to sprint into the ocean!  On Sunday morning we were able to see dolphins jumping and swimming, and even had a dead jelly fish come onto shore. We build "sand chairs" and sand castles, and pretty much had sand EVERYWHERE! But overall we had an amazing time!

Now we're counting down the days until next summer when we can enjoy the beach some more!

Love and Prayers - Dawn

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