Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet Naomi

Meet Naomi

Child’s Name: Naomi

Sex: Feminine

Father’s Name: Unknown

Mother’s Name: Unknown

Born: 2002

Naomi was found in the bush a couple of days after her birth. No trace of her parents or family were found. She was admitted to an orphanage has grown up there. At the time of this writing, she is 9 years old.

Naomi is in good health. According to the care-takers at the orphanage, she never complains and she gets along with all of the children in the orphanage and also with the children at school.

Naomi is in the 3rd grade this year (2011-2012).

Naomi has been declared an abandoned child and desperately needs a family

Naomi is the last child to be featured on my blog for the week! I have enjoyed sharing these beautiful children with you and hope that they have touched your heart. Check back tomorrow to get a quick "HOW TO" on adopting from Sheltering Wings if you are interested!

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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