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Miss Marie -

Miss Marie -

Home Study for Marie

Born: 24 June, 2002

Health: Since arriving at the orphanage Marie has been well. It took her a few days to adjust to the orphanage but now she is doing fine. Marie is an albino. She has received care for her skin and for her eyes at a hospital. Marie suffers from the intense African sun (sunburn), and she has trouble seeing.

Personal History: Marie's mother was engaged to be married. But, she entered a relationship with another man and became pregnant with Marie. Marie's father left the village secretly at night when the news of the mother's pregnancy was known. Some people in the village say that the father has gone to the Ivory Coast. He has not been heard from for 8 years.

Six months after Marie's birth, her mother was again pregnant by her fiance. After living together with him for 2 years, the mother left him to live with another man in another region. With all of the troubles in the family, Marie was left with a maternal grandmother. Later, because the grandmother was not able to adequately provide food for Marie, she was placed in a center for malnourished children and then in the orphanage.

History of Claire's parents: No accurate information regarding the two parents of Marie could be found. There are discrepancies and contradictions between the stories of the two families.

Analysis of Situation: Marie is the product of a secret relationship outside of marriage. When her father heard that her mother was pregnant he disappeared without leaving an address. Her mother lives with a man that she was not proposed to in marriage.

Neither of the families want to take responsibility for Marie. Since she was placed in the orphanage (June 19, 2003) no one from either family has visited Marie or asked about her well-being.

As a result of all investigations it seems that it is because of prejudice that Marie is an albino that the families have rejected her.

Proposition/Conclusion: Although the extended families of the mother and father were found and were consulted, it was found that neither of the families want to take Marie as one of their own. We propose that Marie be placed under the decision of the courts and that her case be processed as quickly as possible. We propose that she either be accepted into her own family or be placed in a family capable of accepting the fact that she is an albino and one which will provide a future for her.

*I can not imagine being rejected from my family because of how I was born. Marie deserves a family to love her, tell her she is beautiful, and let her feel safe. Maybe that family is YOURS? If not please pray with me that she will have a "forever family" soon!

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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