Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkins Pumpkins everywhere...

As I posted in my last blog we went to a really fun pumpkin patch and while we were there we picked up some pumpkins! We usually carve pumpkins way too early before Halloween and they shrivel up before Halloween even gets here so we decided to paint pumpkins for now and then the day before Halloween we can carve them out (if we feel up to it!) It was a lot of fun and really love our finished pumpkins...

The kiddos were ready to paint, so needless to say we painted shirtless. Eliana might be angry at me for this later ;)

Finished hand print pumpkins! Daddy and Owen's pumpkin is hard to see but have both of their hand prints and it is really adorable!

Spider Web Pumpkin

 BOO pumpkin mod podged with ribbon stem

P for Prather :)
Kelly's finished pumpkin! LOVE IT

Our window seat arrangement! I see lots of fabulous fall mantle arrangements but since I don't have a mantle a window seat will have to do :) Happy Fall Everyone!

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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ShonEjai said...

Beatuiful photos! The pumpkins are awesome and the kids are just adorable!