Thursday, January 26, 2012


If you really knew me ;) .... you would know that I'm a DAYDREAMER! (and a crazy night dreamer for that matter), but that's probably another post!

I use to think that being a day dreamer was not a great quality I possessed. I am always distracted by what is going through my mind and my mind is going 100mph all the time! But the older I get the more I love this about myself. I love that I'm a dreamer with BIG dreams. It leaves me excited for life and looking for the next adventure. I have dreams about now and dreams for the future. I may not accomplish all my dreams, but I know they will give me a zeal for life that maybe others are left without. 

As a little peak into my mind (its a crazy place) here are the things I daydream about:

*Serving - I am always thinking about how God may want to use me (us) to serve. At church, in the community, across the world!  Trying to make sure that we don't spread ourselves too thin, but not miss an opportunity at the same time. Thinking of what book to read next and scripture to study to make us better servants and disciples. And doing a gut check to make sure all our actions are geared to Glorify God.

*Adoption - wondering where our child will be from, what situation the family is in, what the relationship with the orphanage will be, will they be a boy or girl, what will their name be, how will our family adjust, how will our extended family and friends adjust, will they have a good adolescence in a family that doesn't look like them, and so on...

*Owning a successful at home business - I love anything that requires my hard work to succeed. we have already made steps on this dream with becoming involved in Amway. I think about how to grow this business, how to communicate the quality of the product without being a nag, how to offer this business opportunity without being pushy. I also think long term and what I want from this business 5 years from now.

*Crafting/Creating - I love to do anything creative and crafting feeds this addiction quite well, and a pinch of pinterest and my mind is swirling in this department. What to make next? (usually relates to the season, event, or gift) Thinking of what I want to create that is original and not just a pinterest copy cat. I think of having a booth at a craft fair and selling bows, bow-ties, headbands, and other fun stuff, and then wonder if anyone would buy them. I ponder my next Michael's or Hobby Lobby purchase. And then wonder how many times I will burn myself with the hot glue gun!

*Blogging - I think about what will people want to read about if they are reading my blog? Mostly what fun stories I want to tell our family and friends. I think about changing the lay out (again), and maybe trying to make it a profitable blog. I contemplate trying to get more followers or just enjoying the writing/creative outlet. 

*The Mustard Seed - our future cafe ;) We imagine this will be a dream that will come to be when our children are grown and probably out of the house, a retirement dream. I think about recipes (I even have a little notepad I write my favorites in). The business logic of owning a restaurant. What the place would look like, what kind of vibe I want it to give off, what kind of events we could have, if we would sell any books/art/products there. I note that I must learn how to make coffee drinks to make this a reality (this terrifies me the most... lol). This is one of my go to daydreams for sure!

*Cooking - another creative outlet. I love creating new recipes - I hate following a recipe to the T (thus not a fabulous baker). I love making my food look and taste as good as what I could get in a restaurant. I often eat things and try and dissect them to figure out how it was made so I can recreate it if I like it! I have thought of having a catering business and even make cupcakes, cake pops, and cakes for some events. 

Other things I daydream, but not as intensely:
*Techy stuff - web layouts, marketing, photo editing, video making, worship image creations
*Photography - while my camera right now leaves much to be desired I have always loved photography and capturing a moment
*Interior Design - I am ALWAYS rearranging our furniture, thinking of new ways to decorate, and looking at everyone else's home for inspiration and ideas. I absolutely love to look at people's homes - from how their furniture is laid out to what wall colors they chose. I would love to help people with interior design but not sure I am quite qualified.
*Writing - while I am not a great writer, I enjoy it, I think of writing a book but when I have started I get to about page 35 and take a permanent break... lol 
*Children Lesson Planning - wondering what creative things I can think of to help Eliana, Owen, and our future children learn. Not just learn their basics of reading, writing, math, and such. But also learning to be someone with a good heart. 
*Party Planning - I love to plan an event, or just have people over in our home. I try not to go overboard but sometimes it happens. I would love to help others plan a party (especially children's parties) 
*Sewing - thanks to my grandma I understand the basic skills of sewing but hope to brush up on this more
*Traveling - I want to see the world and show the world to our children
*Cleaning - Yes, I know its crazy but I think of this often - what I want to clean next or organize. What can I say, I get great joy out of the end product of cleaning!
*Adventures with my hubby - I love trying to plan fun dates, daydream about a future get away, and so on!
*Family and Friends - I often think of what they are up to, how to pray for them, or what I could do to speak love to them!
*Sports - Mostly golfing and running, but think of playing all kinds and when and where.
*Stuff - Yes superficial but I do think of stuff I want to buy, what I would love for a present (cursed with a love language of gifts. lol ), fashion, hair, kid fashion (this one can get me), kitchen appliances, and so on...

Well I may have forgotten a few, but you get the idea - I AM A DREAMER! I know that this turned into a lengthy post, but hopefully this entertained you and didn't scare you!!! LOL!!! Just another peak into our lives, who I am and what my hubs has to deal with! ha ha

What do you daydream about???

Blessings and Prayers - Dawn 

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