Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Twilight Hours

First I am sorry to disappoint anyone who thinks this post is about vampires and werewolves... No such luck (but go team Jacob)!  This is a post about the craziest hours of my day! Its that time of day after nap time until Daddy gets home. Its the time of day that I'm trying to make dinner, finish up household chores, etc etc.. Its also the time that I tell Eliana - "quit tattling" and "just stay away from your brother" a dozen times more then normal. And I also tell Owen - "don't hit your sister" and "quit pulling your sister's hair" about 10 dozen times!

We have tears, screams, anger, and frustration raging at this time.  Oh and I forgot - the HUNGER! The kids think they are starving to death and one snack is never enough. They think I am torturing them to make them wait for dinner! I have purposely given the kids a late nap time to limit this time as much as possible. In the summer time we can go to the park or something and that helps but the winter "twilight hours" are miserable!

Here is a picture that sums up the Twilight Hours.  And I must admit I laughed a little on the inside as I took this picture, knowing that I was going to share it with you all!

This picture was taken after Owen pulled Eliana's hair and Owen got a spankin for pulling hair.

Doesn't this pic make you laugh and feel sorry for me all at the same time! LOL

Plus I had to take this pic to prove to daddy that the Twilight Hours exist, because by the time he gets home all is right again!  I hope you all don't suffer from "Twilight Hours" either but I have a feeling there are quite a few of you that do! 

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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emilysnan said...

hiya dawn , what a refreshing post to read , i am soooo surprised t read that kids do get bored in the winter months and that hair pulling and sulking is something everyones kids do tfs and roll on the spring and the bright child friendly days and evening x