Monday, April 23, 2012

Owen's Monster Birthday

Owen's birthday party was quite an adventure!
The plan was to have his "monster party" at the Dream Come True park

at 3:30 (30 minutes before his party started) the rain clouds rolled in heavy,
the temperatures dropped, and I got a little frantic!

as quickly as possible I tore down everything at the park and raced back home to
set it up as quickly as possible. 

it wasn't exactly what I had been planning but it was fun and needless to say
we were all "cozy" in our town house!

the important part was that we were able to celebrate Owen's birthday with
friends and family (and we stayed dry)!

Owen's party was a monster theme! I wanted to go with something that 
wasn't typical for boys and since he still doesn't really care what I choose I went
with the bright colored monster theme!

We had monster treats and little monsters everywhere.

The pic below are the monsters that were up for adoption.
I will blog a little tutorial on these later. They turned out very cute
but I can't lie - they were a lot of man labor!!! 
Worth it though because they all found a new home where they could be loved!

monster cupcakes were courtesy of Pinterest (of coarse.) they turned out just as cute
as the pin (that doesn't always happen for me!)

Owen's favorite were the "monster eyeballs"  made of spice candies and
edible eyeball candy from target.

a kid coloring table with colors and monster color pages
all the print offs were from the etsy shop
dimple prints

our last minute inside activity was "pin the eye on the monster"

everyone was a good sport

and surprising Owen wanted to do it - blind fold and all

the party was full of lots of new friends! we feel so blessed to 
have made such great friend here in virginia in the time we have lived here!
it was great to celebrate with all of them even though we missed our midwest family
and friends very much! we were blessed to have todd's parents in for the special event
and a weekend visit! 

Owen blew out his candle like a champ and everyone enjoyed their
monster cupcakes.

he was spoiled with lots of great presents. sporting his new sunglasses
and getting some help from his buddy kelton

Their were so many fun pictures of the crazy party it was hard to choose what to feature! But you get the idea! we had a lot of fun and didn't let the crazy storm ruin the party!

and now Owen will tell you "I 2"

Thank you again for the love and support - whether you were able to attend the party or you continue to support our family through love, prayers, and encouraging words. We feel blessed beyond words!

Lots more family stories to share! Stay tuned.....

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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Kara Antrim said...

Visiting from The Crafted Sparrow. This is a super cute party idea. I love that it wasn't over the top extravagant, but it was just enough to be remembered. I especially love the adopt a monster bucket!