Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Interrupted Book Review

Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker is the first "Christian" book that I picked up and couldn't stop reading until it was done. It caught my attention from the start and had me contemplating, praying, and planning throughout the whole thing.  This is a big deal to me because I am a little ADD, therefore I am horrible at finishing books (and a lot of things in general) that I start! BUT this book was different. Reading this book hit me right between the eyes, it spoke to me where I feel God is taking Todd and I, and stirred my heart in exciting ways! I don't want to give too much of the book away because I really think you should read it! I know that its not going to be where everyone is and so you may not love it as much as I do, but I think it will get you thinking no matter what! 

The jest of the book is about Jen and her husband and the journey God took them on that interrupted their lives.  They tell the story of how they go from a pastor and pastor's wife in a large american church, to moving into the downtown of Austen TX planting a church for the "least of these."  They don't plant a normal church either with the model of "serving the saved" they plant a mission focused church praying their membership will grow not just with "Christian converts" but with lost souls saved! The book is full of humor, authenticity, God's word, and gut checks! 

Here are some of my favorite quotes  in the book:

"we were the opposite of counter-culture. We were a mirror image of culture, just a churched-up version."

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." A quote from Ghandi

"Many pastors wives feel the church is the other woman."

"I want others to see and say - Wow, you live a really different life."

"We can not deny love because it might be despised or misunderstood."

"I assure you, for every weed who will take advantage of your mercy, there are fifty stalks of wheat who'll shed tears of gratitude for it."

"Don't get sucked into the game. Be counter-cultural."

"If people around me aren't moved by my Christ or my church, then I must be doing a miserable job of representing them both."

"turn or burn!"  (ha ha)

"our works count only when they match our intentions"

"We have the privilege of serving Jesus Himself every time we serve others."

"A hot meal can't hold a candle to a real friend."

"Church can become a machine, where secular business tactics become necessary to maintain momentum, much less thrive."

"What if we really loved our neighbors and offered a safe place for community in our home, showing them church rather than just inviting them to one?"

"Bind your heart to things of eternal value, keep your mind on a vision bigger than you, and ensure all your efforts match those affections. Jesus will take care of the rest."

"When we exhibit Christ to others they discover the church is not a place you go - it's a people you belong with. The building is simply the place you celebrate God together."

"There will never be enough knowledge to fill the cracks of Christian maturity without the fruit of selfless service manifested in our lives."

"The battle is for the souls of humanity, and our secret weapon is LOVE."

So there are some of my highlights! Just like God's word please don't read the quote and make judgement on the whole book, you must read the paragraph, chapter, etc.. to get the full context!  But again can I say I Loved This Book!!!!  You may recognize the Author's name and know of her book SEVEN? It is a popular book right now going around the "Christian Community"  I also loved that book (but i loved this one more!)  I will give a little review of that book next week!  

So if you are looking for a new book to challenge you and make you laugh all at the same time then this is one for YOU!!!  And if you like her writing you can follow Jen Hatmaker on Facebook to see her blog post, everyday funnies, and more!  

Thanks for stopping by and as always Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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