Monday, October 14, 2013

We are DTE... ( D T what??? lol)

Well hello blog friends!

Yes its me... back again like a long distance friend who has been busy and finally picked up the phone to make that call to say hello. I will do my best to not go so long between phone calls :) But you know how life can be, we try and reign it in but it can unravel and go passing by at the speed of light.  So here are a few cliff notes to catch you up on our adoption journey!

August - 

The summer had flown by and we still weren't done with our adoption paperwork. We were feeling frustrated and at a stand still. We were close but knew we were short funds to get our paperwork through the DTE process...

sidenote - DTE stands for Dossier To Ethiopia: its adoption lingo for you have completed the first set of 100 hoops and are officially on the "waiting list"

So... back to August - frustrated and unsure what to do we contacted our family coordinator at America World and asked her what we should do. We knew we could either buckle down and finish our paperwork and possibly use a no interest adoption loan to push it through and get on the waiting list, or we could turn our focus to filing for grants and wait to file the paperwork when we had the funds. Our family coordinator let us know our agency would let us borrow the money interest free but we needed to get our paperwork in by the end of the month. So frantically we did everything else to get our paperwork in by the end of the month. Thanks to a lot of help from family and friends and our agency we were able to get our paperwork to Ethiopia and on the waiting list.

September - 

We are officially on the waiting list and go back to working on filing for grants and making plans for fundraising.  Our current goal is to raise $6,500 in the next 12 months.

October - 

Here we are - it is already October (crazy huh?)  We have officially been on the waiting list for ONE MONTH! We have an estimated wait of 20-30 months (sad yes... we are waiting for the families in front of us to jump through the paperwork hoops to bring their littles home). We will countdown each month with some sort of special celebration to keep us hopeful and excited in the waiting process! This first month was really special, we went and tried Ethiopian food! It wasn't amazing but it was a really fun experience -

Now What? 
Now we are fundraising and applying for Grants! As always you can donate via our paypal button over there on the right (If you feel God leading), We are also committing all of our retail profit from our business to adoption fundraising-   Our products are amazing and top notch with 180 day money back guarantee. You can email us at with any product questions.  In November we will have our annual online auction on Cyber Saturday - November 30th. If you feel led you can donate to our auction and keep your eyes out to bid on all our great items!  And as always we greatly appreciate your continued love and prayer support! This journey would be so much harder without guidance form the Lord, and the love of our family, friends, and support from around the world. 

Blessings and Prayers - DP 

"rearranging the furniture and rearranging my heart"

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