Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas with a cause....

Its CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! This is seriously my favorite time of year! Its Christmas time, and Eliana's Birthday.. and well.. my birthday :)  I may not be so excited next year when its time to hit the big 3-0! LOL

But I digress... This year my new year's resolution "word" was EDUCATE.  I have educated myself on A LOT this year! And one of those things has been what our consumer $$$ means.  How what we spend effects our community, our country, and those working all over the world.  I use to say "so what"... does my small little purchases really matter?? and the truth is YES! every purchase we make is voting on something, voting to keep small business alive that helps a local community, supports a mission of justice or perpetuates slave/child labor.  Really what it comes down to is something I will never get out of my head from Jen Hatmaker's book "7" and that is ultimately we are to  - DO THE RIGHT THING!  I want to be someone who does the right thing and teach my children that when they have decisions ahead of them they should always choose to DO THE RIGHT THING.

so.... in saying all of that I wanted to share some ways we are going to be doing Christmas with a cause.

1 - we are actively pursuing ways to GIVE! Christmas is a time of giving. This doesn't mean you need to give your kids/family/friends a ridiculous amount of gifts (that they really probably don't need)  but it means for us giving to those who are in need - the homeless, the children who aren't going to be getting any gifts this year, maybe a family who needs some extra groceries, or a single mom trying to make Christmas special.  We are really challenging ourselves to find some good places to GIVE!

2 - we are intentionally shopping. What does this mean?  Well this girl's love language is GIFTS! Which means I love to give them and receive them.. lol! So we will not be that family going giftless or any of that. BUT we can give gifts that do good behind them.  That means shopping from small business', shopping from personal business owners, shopping with businesses or projects that do justice with a portion of their profits, or giving a good ole' handmade gift. Some examples of all of this is below!

3 - and lastly we are not going overboard this year! Like I said, I LOVE gifts and so I can go a little extreme with the gift giving and end up in a rough financial place.  and to be honest, this is NOT being a good steward of our finances.  The average american goes $1,000 into debt over Christmas.  not cool! As we save our pennies (nickels, and dollars.. lol) for our adoption fund, we don't have time to be setting ourselves back over an xbox (or what have you)!  so while I will still give presents (no worries friends and family), most likely they will be more creative then in the past... and my guess is the receivers will probably enjoy them even more!!!

So join us this year in making Christmas even more meaningful (YES its about JESUS not SANTA:) ) and give gifts with a cause -

Gift Ideas -
You can shop on our retail website for amazing products that support our family and adoption process. Top notch products with 180 day money back guarantee 

Consider bidding in our online Adoption Auction that ends
Sunday December 8th at 9pm (eastern time) 
example of a few items below -

Shop with our local craft business - Crafted in Grace for Christmas accessories!

You can get lots of ideas for home made gifts over on PINTEREST 

Or consider some of these other shops that do justice with your purchase - 

I hope these ideas help you finish your Christmas shopping! And if you are still looking for a present for this girl (me lol) I'll gladly take anything from these shops!!! :) Just sayin' 

Blessings Y'all

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