Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Family

We are the Prather Family... Currently we have 4 official members of our family - Todd, Dawn (me), Eliana, and Owen. We hope to grow our family through foreign adoption in the future. And have "unofficial" family members who will make an appearance throughout our Blog as well!

My husband and I met in 2004, were married in 2007, and had our first child December of 2007! All God's plan of coarse! When meeting Todd I knew he was the one God made for me and we would be married. We have had a great adventure with God thus far and can't wait to see what he does in our future. We love to golf, play with our kids, spend time with family and friends, work with youth in our church, and have a huge passion for spreading God's word to everyone and especially in West Africa. We are best friends and a great team and am so thankful for God putting us together every day!

The bulk of my day and life is blessed with these two little one's right here! Our daughter Eliana is 3 now and constantly keeps us on our toes and laughing. She is overflowing with personality and is so smart. She loves to go to Montessori where she plays with friends and does "work"! She loves to run, color, pray at dinner, and watch movies.  She is so independent and will give more than enough material to fill this blog all on her own!  Our son Owen has been an easy addition to our family, he is just like his dad and so relaxed and laid back and ready for whatever adventure we want to take him on. He recently started crawling and working on walking and he already seems like a little man. He Loves to give kisses, eat cheerios, snuggle at nap time, play ball with Aaron, and flirt with pretty girls. Everyone loves him, because he is just so easy to love!!  Our children have been such a blessing and we can't wait for more adventures with them and to add to our family some day soon!

Most of all as a family we hope to Glorify God and share his love with everyone... So - To God be the Glory!

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