Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Sign Language

Hello All -

I don't know about you but I am so excited to see some warmer temperatures and the beautiful sunshine. I love getting the kids out of the house and taking them for a walk. Often a walk with a stroller, a three year old, and a small dog can be a little crazy, but it is so much better then being inside.

Today I'm writing about baby sign language. I am not sure how many use baby sign language or know about it, but its a great program that our family loves and just have to share it with you all. I was introduced to the program through my cousin who was teaching it to her daughter. Not only could you tell she was smart, but it was so adorable. Then I noticed as she began talking and reading that she was at a much more advanced level. So I thought it would be worth a try with our kids.

With our daughter Eliana I was ridiculous with it. I made her start watching the videos at 6 months twice a day. It was really too early to make her watch them and should have waited for 9 months. She started to really using the sign language around 10 months and consistently did 10-15 signs by one year old. The signing was great because rather than grunting and pointing to try and get what she wanted she would sign "eat" or "drink". It also was great to introduce manners to her at such a young age with teaching her the sign for "please" and "thank you".  Now that Owen is 10 months old we have been training him in the sign language. And while we are not as rigorous with him it is just as helpful.

It amazes me that he knows what "more" is and that signing "more" can get him some more of what he wants. I am amazed at how they can pick up on things at such a young age. They are smart little creatures! LOL
So if you have never checked out Baby Signing Time, I would strongly encourage it. I have seen first hand how helpful it can be and how it can develop their vocabulary and learning abilities at such a young age, plus its a lot of fun!!!!

Enjoy your weekend and God Bless - The Prather's

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