Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fan Club

For those of you that know me well know that I unfortunetely am NOT a morning person.  I would LOVE to be that mom/wife who wakes up in the morning goes for a run has a shower and quiet time with God, then makes breakfast for my family and is happy and cheery by the time they wake up... but as of now I am NOT.  As of now I am the mom who wakes up after Todd takes a shower and is "zombie-like" until about an hour after I've been awake. About 2 or 3 times a week I make attempts to be that "dream" mom and get up early and run or exercise, etc.. And this morning was one of those attempts.  I actually really enjoy these morning attempts at being an over-acheiving mom because it usually results in some nice quiet time with God and quiet time to myself before I start my day, but today was not the case! 

After I had woke up and took a shower around 6:15 this morning I was looking forward to some quiet time with God and possibly making my husband some breakfast.  I enjoyed my shower and took my time and as I was attempting to get dressed and Todd was working on getting ready for work himself ... the "beckoning" began. I looked at my watch and couldn't believe that they were awake at 6:45! Our kids always sleep until about 7:30, but not this morning... Eliana hollared from her room "mom can I get up, mooooommmmmmmm, mom can I get up??"  and Owen who often taunts me with Da Da babbles, but from his room came "mamamamamamama" He only does this when he's in his room and wanting out. While I still don't think he knows that I am "mama" I think he does know that saying mama gets him out of bed!

My first reaction was annoyed (I must be honest)  I looked at Todd and said YOUR kids are crazy!!! LOL..  But then Todd said something to me that has changed my outlook all day. He said "Babe you have a fan club!"  He was joking but it really got me thinking! So often we think "uhhhhh what do you need" (or at least sometimes I do) rather than thinking "my kids really do love me."  So my whole day has been filled with graceful little moments rather than minor annoyances! Because I know this "fan club" stage might not last long, and I want to enjoy it! Besides how could you not enjoy these adorable faces!

So for this week and beyond I will do my best to enjoy my "fan club" and the love that God has blessed me with through my AMAZING family!

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn


Lydia said...

Ok, I'm misting up here! Love u & ur sweet fam! SO glad ur doing this blog & sharing it - thank u!

DL said...

Lydia - Thank you so much my FIRST comment :) LOL I know people are reading but so strange to put things out into cyber space and not sure what anyone thanks!!! Its a creative outlet that I am really enjoying and look forward to bogging more! Love You girl!