Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love Language

Have you ever read this book about the 5 Love Languages?

If you haven't the five love languages they say all people fall under are:
Words of Affirmation
Physical Touch
Acts of Service
 Quality Time

Of coarse in our house Todd and I aren't the same love language, Todd's love language is physical touch and mine is Gifts. I really really really wish my love language wasn't gifts because I think that it really puts those that love me in a predicament, especially since most people that I love don't have the love language of gifts either. Todd is also very much a saver so to buy me a gift really puts him out of his comfort zone.  But when he does go out of his comfort zone and go out of his way to get me a gift it means a lot to me. It doesn't even have to be anything very special or expensive, a drink from sonic, a little chocolate on a bad day, a fun scratch ticket. These are a few of my cheap favorites. But this week I got a really fun present that I am excited to try out.

Its a fun cake batter dispenser. I didn't even say I wanted this but with all my recent baking it is going to be so fun! This is a gift that I really love!  So in thinking about my dreaded love language of "gifts" I decided to blog and see what some of your favorite gifts have been or if you know what your love language is?  (Yes I am trying to entice some comments!! )

Some of my favorite gifts in the past have been:

*A ring my mom gave me for my 16th birthday with my birthstone and my first real diamonds
* An amazing photography camera my parents gave me for a birthday once
* Some golf Oakley's that my dad knew I wanted really really bad (because I just knew they would make me play better) even though they were expensive he surprised me with them
* Our bedding set that Todd gave me for Christmas last year that he picked out all by himself and is perfect
* A nativity set that a friend gave me that is so special
*A cozy blankie my grandma gave me that I snuggle with all the time
*A laptop that was so needed in our household for Christmas this year
*I must admit when my mom buys the kids adorable clothes and such it feels like a fun gift for me too!
*And many many more.. you know my love language is gifts and even though I hate that it is.. I really do love them... LOL
So again what are some of your favorite gifts you have received???

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