Friday, March 25, 2011

Landscaping and Taxes

Yesterday was a day I did NOT enjoy! I was determined to finish our landscaping project and our taxes. I had posted two weeks that I would finish our taxes, and well, I failed....  BUT with the deadline approaching and the weather getting bad this weekend I decided that I MUST finish these two projects yesterday. Today I am happy to report that both of these painful projects are finished! I feel a little pep in my step today just having them done and am even rewarding myself with blogging during nap time instead of working on another project!
I mentioned in my other Taxes blog post that our taxes have been a source of faith with our West Africa missions. This year is no different, like I mentioned before. After completing our taxes it is evident that Todd will for sure go to Africa and there is a good chance that I will get to join him this year on the mission trip!  I am giddy and nervous that the possibility for me to go this year is actually a real possibility. But of coarse it is, when God puts a desire on our heart he is faithful to take us down the path to show us how to fulfill it.  It still isn't certain that I will be going on the trip, but now we know financially it is a great possibility. We will still be praying through this decision because there are many factors (we could do "wiser" financial things with the tax money, we would have to both be away from our kids for over a week, we still do not have all the funds available, etc..) and would ask that you would be praying for us in this decision! But all in all, praise God the Taxes are done! And thank you turbo tax for making it possible to do it from home!

(This isn't me.. but its pretty much how I feel today!!!)

Of coarse I also must mention our landscaping project. This is a project I will NEVER repeat NEVER take on by myself again. The four days of work it took to accomplish this project doesn't even seem justified in the results. The idea was to take out all the old mulch, tarp, and some dirt to level it out. Then replace some plants and clean it up with new tarp and mulch. When we started the project on Monday we had beautiful weather and sunshine, then with the forecast changing we knew we had to get it done last night before it froze and our new plants died. So we rounded up some help last night and finished the project. We still need to add a few bags of mulch, but for the most part this project is DONE!  I have added a few pictures but try not laugh.. After my dramatic story you will probably think.. That's it???? but trust me, it was a back breaking event! I will post pictures of the 22 bags of dirt (yes bags because we have no truck to haul it off with ) that are still next to our house waiting to get hauled off....
Front of house - planted a knock out rose bush - will get 3' x 3'

Other side in front, another knock out rose bush
and our Prather Rock
Funny story about this rock, I bought this the first Christmas when Todd and I were dating and I didn't really think it through that one day it would be sitting in front of our house... LOL.. oh and GO HAWKS!

And this is part of the other side
trimmed bushes and a new boxwood bush in the corner
boxwood should get 4' x 4'

Most excited about these fresh herbs in my window
Basil, Cilantro (my fave), and some Lemon thing.. :)

So like I said not that exciting, but it really cleans up the outside of our house and when the bushes bloom and get full they should look pretty good. I'll post more pics when its sunny out and they have bloomed a little!!!

I feel like I have lots more to blog about so stay tuned for blogs about -
Family Visits
Spring Cleaning
New Recipes
And I'm most excited about my written testimony that I am working on and will post once its been prayed over and properly proof read :)

Until then - Love and Prayers

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~ Rachel said...

God is faithful and if you are meant to go, He will make it happen. Of course, He might use your friends to help you get there. Love you girl. Let me know how I can help.