Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eliana's Comic Relief

This is our daughter Eliana...
And like I said in my first post she supplies us with plenty of moments to fill a blog on her own. So I wanted to share some of her recent adventures for all of you and for my own documentation ;)

Eliana is the entertainer of our family, she turns everything into a song, and runs through the house on her tippy toes like a rock star ballerina. If you were to spend 24hrs in our home, the hours she doesn't spend sleeping (which she has quite a few of those) you will find her singing (about anything and everything - tying her shoes, to bunnies on the loose), tormenting  playing with her brother, cooking up a fancy dish in her "kitchen", racing around the outside of the house, helping me with domestic chores (begs to do the dishes), and much more..

Here are my favorites as of lately:

I over hear Eliana talking to her brother on the floor. She is trying to get him to clap with her and the next thing I hear is...
"Owen, clap with me in Spanish!"
I'm not sure how someone claps in Spanish but she was making it happen!

We are cracking up because Eliana always refers to her brother as..
MR. Owen
never brother, or O, or Owen, Or bubby
always MR. Owen

Imagine the picture above of this sweet little girl..
Now add about 5 lbs of attitude
3 lbs of sass
double hands on the waist
and you will have the bossy Eliana who tries to convince me daily that..
"Mom today I'm going to be the mom, and I'm going to be in charge and you are going to have to do whatever I say or you will be in BIG trouble and get a spanken'. OK mom, are you listening??"

On Tuesday's we attend a MOPS bible study for women with preschoolers and is mostly stay at home mom's. We have been going only about 2 months and when we go I tell Eliana "We are going to the church to make new friends." A couple weeks ago I tell Eliana this and she tells me...
"Mom I already have lots of friends I don't want to go..." 
then she continues to tell me..
"Mom I have a fever I just can't go"
Where does she come up with this stuff?? LOL

It cracks me up how everything is a year or 30 o'clock
"have a good year at work dad"
"My bed time is 30 o'clock"
"I had the best year at school mom"
"We are late its almost 30 o'clock"

Laughing thinking of this... "mom can I have the "Kemote" I need to ffwd the movie"

Yesterday she was playing pretend and I was reminded that she is having a skewed up-bringing..
"Mom I am pretending to be the mom and Owen is my baby.  I am getting my purse and my stuff because we are going somewhere"
 (me) "where are you going?"
(eliana) "Well first I am going to band practice, then to church, and then the grocery store"
(eliana) "I'll be back soon, I'll miss you, have a good year."
Despite our entertainer's sassy and funny moments..
my favorite moments are:
The kisses on the cheek,
the hugs around the neck,
the running out the door when dad comes home,
the sweet prayers at the dinner table,
and when she looks up at Todd and I and says..
"your the best mom (dad) EVER!"
While she keeps us laughing, she keeps our hearts warm and smiling too...

I feel like I could give hundreds more but I'll save them for another post!

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