Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rearranging The Furniture - Literally

Since rearranging the furniture is our blog name I thought maybe I should post about my recent furniture adventures. I am not sure what it is about me that loves to move things around, but I love the feeling of a changed room. For some reason moving the furniture and decor makes a room feel "new" again and especially clean. In the last few weeks we have done A LOT of furniture rearranging. While my fam was here we totally rearranged the living room and dining room (AKA catch all room). The moving took some re-wiring and other more extensive work than my normal rearranging, so I told the Hubs I would try and keep it this way for longer than usual ;)  Here are some pics of our current arrangements! What do you think?

The first few pics are of Owen and Eliana's rooms. Our older house has small rooms and tough to take full room pics, but you get the idea. I like to try and make "spaces" within a room (am still figuring this out) so that is what I was trying to accomplish with their latest room rearrangement!

Eliana's "reading area"

Have a lot of "projects" in the works for Owen's room as he turns 1
and won't have such a "baby" room anymore.

Using this little rocking chair for his "reading area" instead of the big one that was in here
makes his room feel a lot bigger.

I recently moved all our dishes to this shelve instead of in our cabinet.
I really like the look of it and the accesiblity for others to help set the table :)
But even more recent are the addition of new dishes!!!
They are amazing and make me feel like a grown up (thanks mom) !

This living room arrangement took rewiring the cable (sorry hubs) but I really love it.
I really don't think the hubs cares now that he has his "man chair" (see the new addition?)
My parents thought it really wasn't fair that "our" christmas/birthday present (the laptop that I'm on right now) became mostly MINE, so they decided the Hubs needed a present that was "mostly" HIS! And it is and he loves it :)

The following pics are our "dining room". I really love this room but have never been able to define the spaces in a way that didn't make it just feel like the "catch all" room. But the way we have it now really works! It feels like 3 seperate areas in one room  - reading/visiting area, dining room, and office nook!
I still want to add an area rug here and a different lamp.
But I'm in love with the sewing table and machine that sits between the chairs from Todd's grandma, its more than a sewing machine but a really great peice of furniture!

This is our dining room table that is also my favorite peice of furniture we have purchased as a couple!
Do you see the black and wood theme throughout? I don't know why but I really like it!

And lastly our little office "nook" Also took some rewiring and internet adjustments but it is tucked away in a discreet yet functional manner!

It is taking me a while to figure out what my "style" is and I'm still figuring it out. But as we go along in life I am enjoying collecting things and figuring it out. I try to remind myself that I am still young and my house won't be "just the way I want it" right off the bat. It will take years and I need to be ok with that! But as for now I really am enjoying where we are in the "making a house a home" process. Besides I never want to forget that the point of the "home" is to share it with others in sharing the Love of Christ. And not to be storing my treasures up here on earth!!!

God Bless - Dawn


Faith said...

Wow Dawn, this is the neatest and may I say creative thing ever. What a fun and postive way to share with everyone that loves and misses you so much what your some of your life consists of. Your an interesting lady.....love to see what new things you come up with to make so beautiful.....

Shabby Soul said...

I love moving furniture around too! My husband used to threaten to nail it to the floor!! I love the sewing cabinet! What a sweet addition to your home!

~Jessica said...

found you through Debbie doos. new fan, you can fan me back www.begintocraft.blogspot.com

I am currently looking for guest bloggers. It would be a way to feature you. email me at begintocraft@gmail.com if interested