Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh How Things Change

Recently I was thinking about how much things have changed in the last 10 years of my life.
So just for fun (mostly my fun) I'm going to show the changes in the last 10 years of life

Life Today:

 6am - debating whether to get up and run and be "super mom" or sleep another hour
 8am - feeding and dressing children and taking Eliana to Montessori
 10am - doing domestic chores such as laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc.. while Owen takes his morning nap
 12pm - fixing everyone lunch, doing more dishes, picking up random mushed food off the floor followed by intensive play and learning time with kiddos :)
 2pm - laying kids down for nap and debating on what to do : work on a church project, blog, pay bills, answer emails, do laundry, scrub the bathroom floor, watch a show from last nights dvr, and fit as much in as I can before the kids wake up
 4pm - feeding kids snacks, possibly playing outside, picking up the house before the hubs comes home and preparing dinner
 6pm -sitting down as a family for dinner, praying, and talking about our day - often followed with bath time
 8pm - either at a bible study, band practice, church meeting, or tucking my kids into bed
 10pm -making a one last effort to - pay bills, answer emails, work on a church project, blog, etc..
 12am - hopefully sleeping snuggled in with the hubs

Life 5 years ago  (Junior in College) :

 8am - Probably still sleeping!
 10am - Dragging myself to school even though I really don't want to
 12pm - Depending on how good my tips were from work either eating lunch out with friends or eating Ramen Noodles
 2pm - Making the tough daily decision of 9 holes of golf or 18 today (and if the weather was really bad, probably a nap)
 4pm - Do some homework and get ready for work
 6pm - Work as a waitress were I talk and wait on people for money
 8pm - Still working :)
 10pm - Probably still working
 12am - Debating on sleep or hanging out with friends and no matter what a late not call to the "future hubs"

Life 10 years ago (Sophomore in High School):

6am - Debating weather to get up early and look decent for school or not
 8am - Sitting in class watching the morning announcements about to start my day
 10am - "learning" and socializing in school
 12pm - deciding between mystery meat, salad, or pb&j
 2pm - counting the minutes until school is out
 4pm - at practice either - golf, basketball, or track
 6pm - At home helping with dinner and the kiddos, possibly at a play practice, choir concert, school musical, track meet, golf match, basketball game, etc..
 8pm - Watching tv and chatting with friends
 10pm - telling myself I should do my homework but still watching tv and chatting with friends
 12am -  starting my homework!

Isn't it funny how life changes! I found this amusing now you should do this and see how life has changed for you in the last 10 years!

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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Kelly Beazley said...

i LOVE your blogs! the end! :) Find much enjoyment out of reading them...and "knowing" you even though we never are around anymore :( lol. your your house for a fun party :)