Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preschool Graduation and Teacher Presents

On Monday was Eliana's last day at Montessori. It was so sad for us knowing that she would not be coming back next year. We have really loved having Eliana in Montessori, she has gained a great deal of knowledge, friendships, and self respect. I am sure that God will bless us at her new pre school in Virginia, but none the less we were sad to see her first year of Montessori come and go. It was wonderful to celebrate the end of the school year with a graduation ceremony. It was absolutely adorable, all the little faces dressed in their graduation gear, singing adorable songs, and acting so grown up.

It was a great year and a great ceremony because Eliana has amazing teachers!
So before we left we had to make sure to leave her teachers with a little something special so they knew we appreciate them. I saw this blog post and thought it was adorable. So I took the idea and tweeked it to make it our own.  We sure hope the teachers know how much we appreciated them and will miss them!

To make our cookie containers we purchased clear glass containers from Wal-Mart, stickers from Hobby Lobby, baked some cookies, and added some ribbon and cards. I think they are pretty adorable myself and hopefully our wonderful teachers enjoyed them too!!!

On a side note - we are praying for everyone affected by tornado's, flooding, and other weather damage recently.  It has been overwhelming to see the devestating pictures of the damage and hear of the loss. So as our family looks for ways to help, please know our prayers are with you all and hope that those of you reading this will be praying for those affected also!

To God Be The Glory - Dawn

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