Friday, May 27, 2011

Bows Bows Bows

Our daughter is ALL girl and she has LOTS of bows! In fact I often see bows that I would like to get her but stop myself since she has no more room on her current bow holder. So... I decided I would do a little craft project and make her a fun bow holder that could also be some girlie "art" for her room! And this is what we came up with....

1st I started with a large old frame I had that was no longer being used -

2nd - I removed the glass and the picture until I was just left with the backing cardboard.

3rd - I added some padding and picked some fabric to cover the cardboard with.

4th - using flat thumb tacks I secured the fabric all around the back. I also think hot glue would work well
5th - I got out my ribbon and decorations and decided how I wanted to arrange them.

6th - Once I chose how the ribbon should be arranged then I secured them on the back with flat tacks as well

Lastly - I added some letters with regular thumb tacks, added some larger thumb tacks to hang ponytails from. And then of coarse added Eliana's bows!! And wah lah - an adorable little girl bow holder with room for more bows!!!

Thanks for checking my craft out - Dawn

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Tasha said...

ADORABLE!!! I'd love for you to share it at my Pinkalicious Thursday Blog Party!