Sunday, June 19, 2011

All Boy

First I must say that I am amazed at mom's who are able to Blog on a regular basis. I greatly enjoy blogging but life gets away from me at times and I go longer then I would like in between blogs. In saying all that I am hoping to blog a lot this next week and coming weeks because our family has LOTS going on to share and I am working on LOTS of fun projects that I would like to share as well! But first thing is first I have to talk about my little man!

After posting the Bows Bows Bows blog post and being reminded how girly Eliana is I was also reminded how much of a boy our little man is. I am amazed at the things he does naturally as a boy that are instinctual. Here are a few examples:
*From pretty much the day he was born he has grunted, like that deep in the belly from the depths of a man soul kind of grunts.
*He loves to destroy things. In fact in order to get him to crawl we would build a lego tour and then entice him to crawl to it so he could knock it over. He loves to be destructive in all ways.
*One of the things that amazes me the most is his desire to wrestle. I mean he is 1 year old and no one has taught him to wrestle but if your on the floor with him he gets on all four and charges towards you. He will bury his head in you and try to take you down. It just cracks me up at1 year of age he has a mentality that he could take down an adult. LOL

*He constantly has bumps and bruises. Sometimes we don't even know where the bumps and bruises come from but seems to always have a few here there and everywhere!

 *His ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing is any BALL! Its his favorite word to say, his favorite thing to play with, and the toy he always is looking for. He plays with his ball all the time and especially loves playing basketball!

* He loves to do dirty things like play in dirt, play with bugs, get in the toilet... etc

Overall I am constantly reminded that my little man is just that - a little man!! I love the differences between Owen and his girly sister Eliana and can't wait to enjoy them more as they continue to grow up!

Hope to have more blogs for you soon!!! - Dawn

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