Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sushi Cupcakes

This weekend I helped my mom throw my little sister's 13th birthday party. It was a luau themed party and I made some yummy treats for the party. I made some tropical cupcakes of coarse (see below) but also decided to make some sushi cupcakes (also below).  They were a lot of fun to make and I have included some helpful hints for you to make your own sushi cupcakes!

For my sushi cupcakes I made mini cupcakes and made sure that they didn't have much of a top on them. then I just bought some supplies and candies to arrange my sushi. Here is a list of the supplies I purchased:
black cupcake liners
white oblong sprinkles to look like icing
orange tic tacs for "fish egg" sushi (orange jelly beans would work better but couldn't find any
gummy bears
candy orange slices
candy fish for the ones on the end
fruit roll up by the foot

Then I just made a variety so it looked like we had a variety of rolls. They were a lot of fun and really good. Cake and candy.. doesn't get better then that!

Just let your imagination run wild!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is adorable!

Anonymous said...

This is Sarah. These are adorable! I have a tumblr I blog on, so i just left it anon haha.