Saturday, May 7, 2011

Highs and Lows

The last few weeks have been full of highs and lows and unfortunately no blogging...

As I step back into real life - or as I know it to be, I hope to be able to get back into blogging regularly!  Really I have had only one major LOW of the last few weeks and that was learning that we are being relocated to Virginia with my husband's job. I know at some point this LOW will turn into a fun adventure but as of now it is not fun news for me- Farther away from family, a completely different area and atmosphere. It is a great opportunity for my hubs and therefore a great opportunity for our family. But the task of telling our friends and family that we are moving so far away, telling our church family we will be leaving, and putting our house on the market has been the definite LOW of the "adventure".  This news has left me quite emotional and anxious, but also a good reminder that in times like these I must rely upon God and look to the power of the Holy Spirit for my daily joy!


Since my last blog we have also had lots of Highs!!! For one we had a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. A holiday that I often over looked and misunderstood as a lost person, but now find myself overwhelmed  as a child of God.  On Easter day we all went to our church for Easter breakfast, it is really an amazing breakfast with over 200 church family members. This year our church had special friends in from Puerto Rico that made the Sunday celebration even that much more special. After church we went on an Easter Egg scavenger hunt around the town (boys vs girls) then we decided to go to a Hibachi Grill and enjoy lunch there instead of having to cook a big meal. It was a lot of fun and a really great way to celebrate the holiday.

2nd High of the last few weeks was that our church hosted a West Africa Mission Banquet.  It was a wonderful event with lots of special guest speakers, a great family style meal, silent auction tables, a West Africa sales booth, sponsorship opportunities, and a chocolate and coffee dessert room. The event was a blessing to my family and I believe to others. We were able to raise money for this mission work, and help everyone understand what vision we feel God has placed on our hearts for this mission work.  I can't wait for our next West Africa event!!!

While the last few weeks have been a little crazy, it is nice to take a minute and reflect and realize that God has blessed our family abundantly! He is good and I am so thankful for his overwhelming and unconditional love!

Look forward to blogging again very soon.. I am going to show you the sushi and tropical cupcakes I made for my sister's party :) so cute!

Love and Prayers - Dawn

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