Friday, July 29, 2011


For a few months now I have been contemplating a tattoo. I was convinced that Todd and I would get matching tattoo's when we got back from Africa. I didn't quite have Todd convinced but was looking forward to something meaningful when we got home. We were strongly leaning towards the word PRAY in the Jula language (the language the people speak in the tribe we are working with). But then when plans changed and we were not headed to Africa, I thought "why not get the tattoo anyway???"  I decided instead I wanted to get something that reminded me to rely on God and not myself.

I had envisioned the perfect tattoo in my mind and I wanted to put it on my wrist. I gathered up some friends and the hubs and took a trip to the tattoo place. But when I got there they told my my idea would not make a good tattoo :( The artist drew something up for me that was similar but I wasn't 100% convinced and didn't want to put it on my body FOREVER unless I was. So I came home and have been drawing different versions of the tattoo I want on my wrist and trying it out. (funny I know) I do now understand why my original idea wouldn't work for a tattoo... but am still really wanting the same concept. The only thing that is holding me back is wondering if my kids are going to be embarrassed when I'm in my forties and beyond.. LOL! Here is the pic of a basic idea of what I'm wanting on my wrist... (it would be able to be covered by a watch or bracelet) But the question is.. To Tat? Or not to Tat??

 - Dawn

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ESolgos said...

I often contemplate getting a tattoo myself, but get hung up on will I regret it when I'm old. Maybe by then laser removal will be much improved?! I do like your idea...