Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pillow Re-Do!

As we prepare for the big move to VA, I have some crafty house projects that I am going to complete before hand. I have finished several projects in the last week and will post about most of them this week before the big move. I can't believe it is just a week away!!! Crazy!!! But anyway, the first project I will share with you is some pillow re-do's. (This post is for you Dad since I know you LOVE throw pillows SOOO much!) :) I wanted to spruce up some rooms in our new house with throw pillows. We all know (well I should say "we all" refers to all women) that throw pillows are RIDICULOUSLY expensive! So I looked for some ways to add some throw pillow fun to our home without breaking the budget!

The first thing I ran across was throw pillow covers from Bed Bath and Beyond. These are awesome because they are only $10 and really well made. Considering it cost usually at least $20 per throw pillow I think these are a steal. Here are my couch throw pillows before:

and after the pillow cover:

My next two pillow projects were a little labor intensive, but very CHEAP.
I wanted new pillows for Eli's room and the basement area, so I went to Hobby Lobby, found some fun fabric, and sewed some new pillow coverings. Here are some before, during, and after pics of that project.

Random pillows I had laying around.

Starting the sewing project.

After some hard labor of sewing... NEW PILLOWS :)

These will be for Eli's Room. (love the pattern!)

These will go in the basement/guest area.

Total cost for this project - $8 for fabric

My last pillow project was also for Eli's room ( a girl needs cute pillows right?)

We took these boring blue pillows

I bought a package of buttons at Hobby Lobby and sewed buttons on the pillows to spruce them up.

Total cost of this project $5

So... a few hours of labor at $32 later I have 8 new throw pillows! I can't wait to decorate with our new throw pillows. There will be lots of decorating posts as the fun begins in VA!

Another crafty project tomorrow :)

Blessings and Prayers - DP


Brie said...

You are so creative- what a great idea!! :)

Jamie said...

Very cute! I especially love the colorful one and the very last one with buttons! :o)

Please feel free to link up your pillows to my new Make Yourself Blog Hop!

For Love of Cupcakes

Laura said...

Oh, I loved that pillow with the buttons sooo much that I pinned it so I can remember and make some for my family room! Nice job!

Shelly @A Creative Space said...

Oh! The buttons are fantastic! They are so fun. :)

Steph @Silver Boxes said...

Turquoise & buttons - what could be better?! Love 'em!

Tanya said...

I LOVE buttons. Those pillows are great!

Lesley said...

Oh, I love the button idea. I'm adding it to the "to do" list, which is growing!

Sara said...

SO pretty!! Would LOVE it if you would share this project at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!

Katie said...

I love the buttons on the pillows--how cute! Your color choice and pattern are great, love it!

Katie@Little Things Bring Smiles