Friday, January 20, 2012

Feature Friday - Lip Gloss

Hey everyone ! TGIF! right? I really feel like I should never say this as a SAHM, but I will say it anyway - TGIF :) 

Well this Friday I want to feature a product I LOVE and love to keep with me in my purse at all times!

And that is the LIGHT UP LIP GLOSS! Whoever thought of this was a GENIUS!!! Can you sense my excitement this evening? (it's the lip gloss and the extra energy from the paleo diet!)

First I must ask who all watched this moment?

Miss America 2012!
Beautiful :)
and she (along with all the other contestants) were wearing The Artistry make-up line! They were looking fabulous and so can you! You can purchase any Artistry product on my site -

And for this week ONLY you can get the Light Up Lip Gloss at a discount!

This product comes in 3 different colors and regularly retails for $15
This week's deal (through the 28th) is $12
or 2 for $20!

So email me - to order or go straight to the site (above)

Happy Shopping &
Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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