Thursday, January 19, 2012

One week Paleo

Well I have been on this CRAZY diet for ONE WEEK. It seems crazy that it has only been one week because so much has gone on in that one week. The diet (or challenge) is the paleo whole 30. A commitment to 30 days of only eating whole food. That basically means - meat, fish, eggs, veggies, 1 serving of fruit a day, and some nuts. What that also means is - no sugar, carbs, starch, dairy, and anything processed. When you get to the nuts and bolts of it, you really can't eat much of what is in your pantry.

The first few days were TOUGH! Essentially I was detoxing and felt it. I had thought before this challenge that I ate fairly healthy - we rarely ate fast food, I cooked a lot of veggies, ate fruit, and watched my portion sizes.  But the after effects of the detox have shown me that I was NOT eating healthy by any means, or I would not have felt so horrible.  I literally had a headache for 3 solid days. I'm sure it is mostly from the lack of SUGAR! Regardless - today I feel AMAZING! I ran 2 miles today like it was no big deal. I have pushed myself this far before on a work out and even to 4 miles, but never feeling like I do now. I have also lost that sluggish afternoon feeling, and the evening blah's! I am so excited about how I feel and the weight loss results (7lbs this week) but even more feel excited how this is transforming the way I cook and how my family eats.

I have always LOVED to cook and in fact I can't wait to open a Cafe with my hubby one day ( a long time dream) But this week I have got to stretch myself out of my comfort zone and cook things I have never cooked before:
*fresh steamed artichoke
*home made taco seasoning
*home made mayo
*fresh mixed spice rubs
*brined chicken
and more to come!

I just had to share this life changing week I am having! I can't wait to continue to share my results and how I transform this 30 day challenge into an every day lifestyle! Don't get me wrong though, I miss CHEESE and CARBS and on day 31 (February 10th our 5th anniversary) I look forward to indulging a little in them. But then it will be back to paleo!

Lastly I know this is another healthy step in my "weight issue" journey! I can't wait for the results of this challenge and to start my Nutrilite supplements along side my healthy eating,  and get to the BIG results I'm working towards!

So if you are feeling blah, yucky, and have no energy - maybe the paleo challenge is for you???

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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ESolgos said...

Someone just recommended the Paleo diet to me for my husband who has Crohn's. We already don't eat gluten and dairy, but this is certainly a step beyond! Do you have a cookbook or website you recommend for recipes?