Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ballet Class!!!

Eliana started her first Ballet class yesterday! She has been asking to go to ballet class for months and was given a certificate for class for her birthday! Yesterday she was so excited and couldn't wait to have her first "ballerina bun".  Eli had about 10 girls in her class ranging from 4 - 7 years old, and made friends right away. Her teacher is very bubbly and sweet, and also structured enough I can tell she will learn a lot of good stuff!!! In her first class she learned the first position and second! she also learned little jumps and good posture.  I always loved dance class and know Eli is going to love it too. She can't wait to go to class next week, and you know I'll have video camera in hand in June when she has her recital :)  These are some fun mommy moments.

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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