Sunday, January 8, 2012

Owen's "hat"

 Owen is at such a fun stage in life right now. He is such a "little man" with lots on his mind and lots to say. I use to think that he would be my mild tempered child and I guess compared to Eliana's very type A, flamboyant personality he is. But Owen is far from meek and quite! He has lots to say (most recently WHY?, I don't want that, and learning how to make fun noises with his mouth), lots to do (play with cars, and more cars, and more cars, oh and then balls!), and quite the imagination (also a characteristic his sister shares)!  Recently Todd said that I had to blog about Owen's "hat", so I am sharing our fun little family story with you this evening! 

About 2 months ago Owen was playing in the Tupperware cabinet (my kids often do this and yet I always wonder why I can't keep it organized!) and he came across a bowl that fit perfectly on his head. It fits him almost like a little top hat! At first it was an occasional thing of him digging out the bowl and wearing it, but now it is a daily accessory.  So far we have been able to keep this accessory in the confinement of our home but I have a feeling he will be asking to wear it out in public soon!

I just had to include this!!! Happy Hat Hunting :)

 It is so cute how kids find their way in life and make their own little paths! It is such a joy to be a mom and so thankful for the kids we have been blessed with and especially the fun they bring to our life's.
Prayers and Blessings - Dawn


Angel said...

Love it! It is so worth letting them express themselves, even if it does mess up the house!

Anonymous said...

So decorate it Dawn!! Then he'll have a very acceptable hat to wear outside, unless it's really, really cold! It's wonderful how kids can see things and then create something out of it.
- Alison

grenades&granola said...