Friday, February 3, 2012

Feature Friday - Ribbons

I am excited to tell you about an awesome product our company offers called RIBBONS.  Whoever thought of this idea is really a genius! So here is how it works - scenario - you want to buy a couple a wedding present but not sure what to get them. So instead of going through the registry and buying something that someone else may buy them, you get them a ribbon book. You decide how much you want to spend on them (anywhere from $25-800) then choose what category of ribbon book you would like to give them. Then you get a magazine full of awesome items and a gift card. They get to go through the book and choose whatever they want and have it delivered to their doorstep! (and NO they don't pay any shipping!)  It's the perfect gift when your not sure what to gift, (guys and girls valentine's is coming up ... lol).  So the next time you want to get someone a perfect gift (but not sure what that is) then talk to me about a RIBBON BOOK!

Here are some examples of the books and the products featured inside -

We have baby and "big people" UGGS

I got this and love it!

These are just a few samples of the options available. To check out more go to

Happy Shopping!

Blessings and Prayers - Dawn

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