Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kitchen Appliance

I never thought I would Dream about kitchen appliances, but I find myself doing that very thing lately!

What's on my wish list?

I REALLY AM a spoiled girl already. But will definitely be saving my "fun money" for these items!!! Excited I can get them at a discount at least! And will be purchasing the juicer first! For many reasons but watching "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" is one of them (highly recommend)!  What's on your "WISH" list?

Hope you had a great Valentine's day, and don't forget to enter this week's GIVEAWAY! Who doesn't like winning something FREE! Drawing a winner on Friday :)

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn


Sharita Knobloch said...

I would say someday, I would love to have a kitchen aid mixer... I don't do a ton of mixing/baking now, but someday it might be super helpful :-)

Jackie said...

I went ahead and "liked" your FB page, Dawn. Love your blog. Very cute...how fun!