Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feature Friday - share the love *GIVEAWAY!*

Well today is a great day because its our (the hubs and I) 5th Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought that the best thing I could do for this special day was my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!!!  Why not share the LOVE right?
So in honor of Feature Friday and our anniversary I am giving away some lip smacking light up lip gloss!!!

You may remember me blogging about this FUN and SEXY lip gloss a few weeks ago ;)  And who doesn't want some fun new lip gloss??? 

So this is how you can enter!! You can enter up to 4 times   - One entry per option! A winner will be chosen at the next Feature Friday on February 17th! 

4 ways to enter: 
1 - Become a new follower and leave a comment that you are a new follower
2 - Leave a comment that you went to my Facebook Page and liked it.
3 - Leave a comment on something you would love to buy off our business page.
4 - Leave a comment of something you LOVE - to share the love ;)

(p.s. - if you don't have a google account leave your comments as annonymous with your name attached)

Please ENTER ENTER ENTER!!! So excited for my first GIVEAWAY! can you tell??  ENJOY

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn


Anonymous said...

I am def not a new follower, I already liked your page, Nutrilite Slimmetry Dietary Supplement (I know, not on your business page but wasn't sure where??), and I LOVE YOU and YOUR FAM. Kiss and hug those kiddos for us. And happy anniversary to you and the hubs!

Sharita said...

Hey Dawn! I'm not a new follower either, but I did look up and like your FB page. Happy, happy anniversary to you two lovebirds! Ahh, wedded bliss!

And something I love? Jesus :-)

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! I LOVE making crafts and getting ideas from your blog!

Anonymous said...

I already like you on facebook! I love when god brings me a wonderful new friend to encourage and challenge! :)

This is Alissa. :)