Friday, March 16, 2012

not so.... SAHM

It was a wonderful week as a Stay At Home Mom, ideal really. Something about the beautiful weather just motivates me and keeps me going throughout the day!  This week we spent the majority of our days playing outside and having adventures. I realized this week that as a SAHM I really don't like to actually be at home that much! I prefer to be out and about the most. So this week we had fun adventures to new parks (well new to us), playing with new friends, having picnics, playing in the dirt, feeding ducks, climbing, running, and most importantly soaking up the sunshine!  I hope that you all had a great week too and are having your own adventures. Because as Owen likes to say - "Adventure is out there!"

This is what sunshine makes us do! Smile really big!

Nice weather also means bath time each night instead of every other!

Got to play with many new friends this week! Always a plus!

Only better thing then packing a picnic is a Chic fil a picnic! 

Enjoy your weekend 

Blessings and Prayers - Dawn

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