Thursday, March 22, 2012


A few weeks ago I was listening to a business CD (side note -  I LOVE that we work with a team that are not only pursuing financial freedom through personal business ownership but are also pursuing freedom that comes only from the LORD).... Anyway as I was listening to our business team CD he began to talk about salt and the verse in Mathew 5:13 that says we are to be the salt of the earth.... and what does that mean?  We naturally think we are suppose to impact others lives, add flavor, add spice, be a noticeable impact just as salt is an impact to your meal. But if you dive a little deeper you can see that salt has over 14,000 different uses. So that makes me think and the speaker on the CD, what other characteristics should we posses as "SALT OF THE EARTH" ??

Some interesting salt uses that can translate to our lives as Christ followers and SALT of the earth - 

*Salt can remove the pain of a bee sting and mosquito bites.
*Salt can get rid of fleas or other pesky pests in your house.
*Salt will immediately put out a kitchen fire. 
*Salt keeps your flowers fresh longer.
*Rinsing with salt water makes your gums stronger.
*Put salt on an ink stain and it will soak up the stain.
*Salt will kill weeds in your lawn.
*Salt can remove any stink in your sink.

These are just of the few surprising uses of salt. So what does this mean for us? We should add flavor to other's lives but could it not also translate into that we are capable of - relieving pain, removing pests (sin), put out fire (diffuse problems), savor beauty, help others be stronger, etc. etc...

I love how God's Word is alive every day breathing new life and teaching new things! Ponder what it means to be SALT and comment with anything God revealed to you :)

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn


Anonymous said...

Very great post dawn. It was very profound!

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Hey Dawn! Love the blog! I blog over at
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Lauren @ Summit St Joy said...

sounds great... would love to talk blog revamping :) my other business is logo & graphic design, but we can just talk about blog design too! i'm ever learning