Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter was our first holiday without any family to share with here in VA. We really missed family but were thankful to have some new friends to share this wonderful holiday with. The kids had a great time at our new church family's Easter egg hunt! The "eggstravaganza" was full of fun with a bouncy house, cotton candy, hot dogs, games, and of coarse the egg hunt with 15,000 eggs (that's a lot of egg stuffing)! I'm pretty sure it is the highlight of their year!

On Easter day we do our best to keep the focus on Christ and the Cross and so our tradition that we have  is to go out to eat instead of having the added stress of preparing a meal after church. We were able to enjoy a wonderful service and the day of celebrating "that God died so we can go to heaven and be friends with God" as Eliana puts it. Then went to Kyoto with friends for lunch. Eliana wasn't so sure about the show of fire but really enjoyed eating with chopsticks! We were blessed to have friends join us and made for a wonderful day!

This Easter I was especially overwhelmed with the thought that Christ died so that my children can have LIFE! This thought continues to play through my mind and overwhelms me with HIS love!!!

I hope you had an Easter filled with HIS love, mercy, and grace as well!

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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