Wednesday, June 20, 2012

we HEART visitors!

Summer time throws me a little out of whack... I don't follow normal schedules and don't seem to get things done in the same productive time frame that I normally would... our main goal in the summer time is what outdoor adventure can we have??? And we have been having lots and really can't wait to share the adventures of the last month! But a part of our favorite events of the last month has been our guest. We had Austen visit us and travel back with us from the mid-west, and recently had our friend Rachel and her two kiddos Ammi and Brecken visit us from MO!

We really really love when people are able to take time out of their busy lives and find a way to visit. We know its a sacrifice and we appreciate it so much.  We hope each of our friends and family will get to visit at some point during our adventure here in VA!

When we have visitors we like to take them to our favorite places and try and take an adventure to a near by destination spot! here is a little peak at our time with Austen and Rachel:

Austen was brave enough to make the 14hr drive with us from Missouri to Virginia! And I was sooooo thankful because after 2 weeks away and traveling I was so glad to have a trip mate! And the kids were just as excited to have her along for the adventure!

- oh and I must tell this story : On our trip to Kansas we went through a tunnel and Owen thought that was the most exciting thing ever, from that point on anytime we went under an over pass or anything he would yell "momma GO TUNNEL"  
Once Austen joined us she decided it would be fun to teach the kids to raise their hands in the air when we "go under a tunnel" and so now every day for every over pass and every actual tunnel we drive through/under Owen says - "momma raise your hands GO TUNNEL!" 
Thank you Austen ;) we now think of you each and every day ;) LOL

We took Austen to our favorite burger joint for a peanut butter burger "The Elvis", shopping in the downtown shops (even found a fun dress), the farmer's market, and just all the 'Burg glory! 

We treated Austen to some of our favorite ice cream, and gave her a full day of nature on a mountain hike ;)

I was bummed to not take her to any "touristy" destination, but after the 2 weeks traveling prior I wasn't ready (and the kids weren't ready) to hop in the car and go anywhere! Plus I think we will just lure her back for a 2nd visit with the Beach, NYC, DC, and other destinations as a ploy - right Austen ;)

Then just 2 weeks ago we had Rachel, Ammi, and Brecken travel to see us. Rachel was brave enough to take the long drive, and after taking it myself I know it takes some nerve! We had a really great time and were sad to see them go!

Eliana was especially excited to have her friend Amberlie here for a few days!

Our biggest adventure was making a day trip for the beach! I could spend EVERY DAY at the beach and hope to spend several of them this summer! We had a great day and the kids (and adults) had a lot of fun!

Our friends got to join us for Church, it is always nice to worship together!

We did go on a "little" hiking adventure to the waterfall! A good workout and beautiful pay off :) 

The kids played so hard together and had so much fun!

We really enjoyed our guest and are looking forward to more family and friends visiting this summer! We hope they had as much fun as we did and will visit again!

Blessings and Prayers - Dawn

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~ Rachel said...

We had sooooo much fun staying with you!! Next trip - DC!! Breckin and Ammi are both ready to make the trip again. I'm not ready for the loonnngggg drive but it was so worth it.