Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eliana's Dance Recital

I am a little "off the ball" this summer! I think I'm under the mentality that I am on summer break too because I can't seem to get my normal tasks complete - (like updating my blog) I really only feel bad about it for a few seconds, so if I can get over it I'm sure all of you are too... LOL!!!!

But better late then never here is a little recap from Eliana's dance recital -

For her birthday she asked if she could do dance class, and since she ALWAYS walks on her toes it seemed fitting to start her in ballet! With some help from her wonderful grandparents she got her dance lessons and outfits for her birthday and she was set! We signed her up at Kinetic Kids Gym and she had a blast learning all the fun ballet moves. Her teacher says that all that walking on her toes really has made her a graceful dancer ;)

Then recital time came and for moms who have done this before you just don't know what to expect - will she freeze, cry and run off stage, or be a total ham????   In the end she did great, she concentrated very hard on doing her moves precisely and keeping a smile on her face. We couldn't have been prouder! We don't need her to be the best, but we want her to do her best - and she did!!!!

So yay for ballet! The only thing that would have made it more perfect would be if I actually had it video recording the whole time and not just the first 20 seconds.. ha ha... tis life right??? LOL

Well have a great day and if your not having a good day turn on some music and dance! 
Shaking the booty is good for the soul ;)

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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