Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Brain

So... It's summer time and even though summer really isn't "that different" then non-summer life, it seems my brain is on vacation! I am not as productive, or focused, and seem to only have one main daily goal - get us outside!!! Needless to say this has left me not blogging! On a daily basis I say "Hey I would like to blog today I should blog about this that and the other"... but nothing.... sorry!!!

Anyway - while I have SO SO SO much stirring inside that I want to share, first I will catch you up a bit on what we have been up to this month!

My mom, bro, and sis came down at the beginning of July and we spent a fun 4 days at VA Beach. I probably have never said this before but I LOVE THE BEACH! We ate sea food, swam (Todd and Alicia practically swam with dolphins, so cool), built a giant sand turtle, putt putted, watched fireworks  and got some family photos taken! All in all a wonderful trip.

Since then we sent mom back to KS and kept Ali and Alex! It has been wonderful to have them around and they are helping me be a little more productive! Most days (when they don't fight) it reinforces that I really do want a big family with more kids running around! I was thinking today that I am going to cry my little eyes out when I have to send them home! While they are here we have been swimming, the boys went camping, lots of playing outside, and enjoying the 'burg!

Tomorrow we pick up Kelly from the airport and of coarse have adventures planned with her! It will be so fun to have her here to round out our summer! It has been full and fun, full of fun!!! ha ha (I'm so funny)

And of coarse we are still plugging away at our adoption paperwork! We had a great orientation meeting (and technically our first home study visit). Most days we are a mix of excited/overwhelmed/and anxious topped off with a good amount of faith! I will update you all more on how the process is going soon.

Lastly I have to tell you that my sister had a baby!!!! I can't believe it, my little sister had a baby! Her and her husband Josh welcomed sweet baby Titus into the world on July 16th! I hated not to be there and that I probably won't get to hold him until November, but we will spoil him via the mail until then!!!!

such a sweet face
owen was intense at putt putt

our giant turtle

they dressed like cows and got free chic fil a 

the kids are loving their Ali and Alex time

our family photos by macon photography

Like I said LOTS going on!!  Hope you are having a great summer and look forward to share more of my heart soon!

Love and Prayers - Dawn

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