Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 2 Homeschool

It was a busy week of school and traveling but I would count it as another successful week for sure!

This week went better for keeping Owen busy by making some more stations for him to play at. I set up stations around the room and he played and popped in and out for our "structured" learning time.

His stations included - legos (matching colors and building towers), pipe cleaners and beads, felt fun book (take felt pieces to create a fund story), matching cards, car track shapes, and aqua doodle (for fun).

This week our letters were E and F - we did hand painting for the first time for the letter E and Eliana worked on her scissor skills and cut out a flower and pedals. We also talked about the colors orange and purple. Shapes- rectangle and triangle. And Eliana started her creation book. (you can check out the links below for these fun activities)

For our CC stuff we really enjoyed listening to our CC cd. I wouldn't recommend doing CC without the cd. Eliana loves the timeline song and I am learning just as much as she is (yay! lol) We also counted by 3's and 4's, drew mirror images, looked at the assyrian empire on the map, talked about prepositions, and named the classifications of the animal kingdom (Eliana loves to do the actions to "The Kingdom Phylum brought the Class to order by the Family Genus Species).. whew a full week! 

We have lots of fun stuff planned for this week and can't wait to share more of our home school journey with all of you! Please leave comments with fun links or your thoughts on home schooling! We got some great links last week and can't wait to get some more :)

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn


Katie said...

Sounds like such a fun and productive week!!

Chesterfield suites said...

i really appreciate your great thought of home schooling. Its very much necessary for the grooming of kids..

~ Rachel said...

Here is me being lazy but I think you should post ALL your lesson plans and brilliant ideas so all I have to do is copy (rather than do all the hard work of coming up with it myself). ha ha. Great job girl. I still think you need to move back so you can homeschool B.

DL said...

Thanks everyone - my goal by doing weekly posting is that it would be easier for someone to do what I am doing. There are so many resources out there but I'm hoping I can organize them weekly that is easy for others to reproduce it if they wished!

hotel furniture said...

hmmm..of course..home schooling is very much important for the grooming of a child. are really doing such a great job..! keep it up..!