Friday, January 4, 2013

Lets do this 2013!!!

Christmas has come and gone, the decorations are done, the company has headed home, the house has been purged, and life is headed back to "normal" - whatever that is!

Once again we were spoiled this holiday season, and not just spoiled physically but by love from family and friends! We were lucky to have Todd's parents out for Christmas and my dad and stepmom out right after Christmas. We had so many fun adventures while they were here, and are so grateful for them making the sacrifice to come all the way out to VA! Have I mentioned we LOVE visitors???  Can't wait for my mom to come back out, for a sweet friend to come in march (with friends), and maybe some siblings out this summer?? Again, I can't say it enough - WE LOVE VISITORS!!!!  Please come visit us ;)

So now that we are headed back into "normalcy" and its the new year I find myself setting goals, making plans, and like everyone else considering resolutions!!!  I was talking to my hubby about my goals and resolutions and about 1/2 way through his eyes glazed over ;) lol.... and this year I am reminded that - lets face it - I never meet all my resolution, I never accomplish all my goals. This happens for 2 reasons: 1- I am a DREAMER and so I have so many "I want to's..." and "I would like to's..." and "I shoulds..." and 2 - I am ADD (self diagnosed and on a mild scale and frankly find this a character bonus not flaw!) so I get distracted easily! I am a GREAT starter and not so great finisher. This blog for instance, I do not want it to be something I started and never had a proper finish. I want to share our adoption journey, keep our family up to date on our adventures, and enjoy the blog friendships I have made. But like other things I get distracted!

Anyway, I digress.... I say all that to say - I am not posting my "resolutions" this year. I'm not going to publicly state that I will do this or that this year and feel guilty at the end of the year when it hasn't happened! I want the freedom to let life move and so what if I don't blog every week, or don't run the 1/2 marathon that I have wanted to for the last 2 years, or don't pull those skinny jeans off the top of the shelf..  What I will do and continue to do is enjoy life! Enjoy the days with loud and crazy little ones, enjoy moments with friends, enjoy crafting, enjoy blogging, just enjoy what the Lord has blessed me with and hopefully pour some of that out on others!

While I am not posting any resolutions I am posting a word for this year - EDUCATE! I have heard of others doing this, praying about what god would have them concentrate on our move them into and I feel like this is a year of education for me and my family. Educating our kiddos through homeschooling, educating myself on the best path to be on right now for homeschooling, educating myself on food choices and making whole and pure food choices, educate myself more on who the Lord is and educate myself on the desires the Lord has placed on my heart. I am excited for this year of Education, maybe it won't be what I am thinking, maybe God has a different plan... but I do know that 2013 will be an amazing year. I am excited, I am anxious to see what will come, I am ready... Let's do this 2013 :)

What are you excited for in 2013? Resolutions?? please share!!!

In all things to God's Glory - Dawn


Davene Grace said...

I've gone back and forth about resolutions in the past, but I think I'm at a healthy place of seeing them as goals, but not commandments. ;-)

My word for the year is Beyond. It's way too easy for me to narrow my focus to myself and my family, but God is calling me to more than that. And even if I can't do what some others can (move to a different country for mission work, adopt, etc.) ;-) I can still be faithful to reach beyond my comfort zone, right here at home.

I like your focus on educate! Which reminds me... Have you heard much about HEAV, the state homeschool organization? Did you know about the convention in June? (Did we talk about this before?? I can't remember!) ;-)

~ Rachel said...

My word: simplicity. I want to get back to the basics of my faith, my family, and my friends. Find the greater things in life by finding the simpler things in life.

And I'll be watching for your education on homeschooling.