Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Favorite Christmas Gift

So I have to share about our favorite Christmas Gift - that we gave, that is... Of coarse every year we think about what we would like and what the kids might want. We all end up spoiled and with way more then we need. But for this girl who has the love language of gifts, its a great time for me. I enjoy getting fun little gifts and really really enjoy giving gifts! This year we wanted to give the kids something that would be long lasting and they would really love. I suggested to the hubby that we should make the kids a play kitchen??  This seemed kind of silly since we have no garage, no workshop, and really no good building tools... but we have some really really really sweet friends who do ;)  So we did some research, asked our friends for help, and got started.

With the help of our friends we found these building plans that we based our build on. We gathered supplies, I day dreamed about design ideas, and Daddy went to work.  It took some late nights and sneaking away a few afternoons, but in the end it turned out awesome!!! Best of all we made it!!! Well mostly Todd made it ;) I was just the demanding designer behind the construction, and I helped with the painting.. ha ha...  but who is keeping track? lol

Here it is -

Isn't it so cute?! The kids love it and play with it daily.
They love to tell their friends "Come play in the kitchen my daddy made me!"

We used a dog bowl for the sink (it is a perfect size), got a faucet from a local salvation army store for $10, 
the shelves were the perfect scale and came from Michael's, and the window we printed off a scenic 
Shenandoah Valley picture and framed it out and gave it a curtain. 

The oven on the left turned out great with the plexi glass, and the little fridge on the right we would have taken taller if we did it over. 

We found fun food from Ikea along with the stainless steel pots and pans, utensils, and coasters for burners.
The blender and toaster were a fun Christmas gift from Pottery Barn
and the kids got lots of fun play food as well. My favorite of the play food is the wooden play Sushi set :)

They serve their food on a little set up Ikea table, and of coarse every little girl needs
 a tea party set, and got the idea for some simple little tea bags from Pinterest (of coarse)

The kitchen is a fun place to play for our current kids and can't
 wait for future kids and even grand kids to play with it!

Yay for fun DIY projects!!! If you have any questions about our project as you embark on your own feel free to comment or email me!

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn


Kristen said...

Ahh it's so cute!!!

Buy Hotel Furniture said...

So glad to know about your projects,its so interesting. But why you didn't tell anything about your home furniture..?