Thursday, March 7, 2013

LIfe and Lollipos

The month of February came and went!  We shared a lot of love, lots of snuggles, and for some reason lots of lollipops :)  We enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day or LOVE day as we like to call it and having family adventures. The kiddos got mommy and daddy dates for their Valentine's gifts, and are eager to cash them in! (and really so are we) 

Of coarse we had to celebrate with some fun accessories :) and as always the kiddos had to take some silly pics (Owen has really become such a ham!)

Made a trip out to the kids' favorite place - Sweet Bee's, because as Eliana says "I get to choose my own toppings!!!!!!!!!!"  (she likes lots of cherries and owen lots of m&m's)

Eliana is in full swing with Spring Ballet. She loves it and has some great natural talent from spending her little life on her toes! This girl of ours has some strong calf muscles!!!

We are anxiously waiting spring so we can play outside! But in the mean time I dodge the floor of cars. Owen can send them zooming all day long!

As we wait for spring I made my first piece of clothing for El. 
A cute little skirt. It was easy and I think my grandma would be proud :) I even ironed! Yes Grandma can you believe it? Turns out she was right you have to iron ;)  looking forward to more sewing projects, next on the list is a little spring dress.

Earlier in the month Todd and I celebrated our 6th anniversary with a nice date. 
We were able to see a movie for some laughs and then to a romantic dinner! 
I love dates... and especially when they include sushi (and my sexy husband)!

And one last pic of my cute boys! look at those faces, don't you just want to kiss those cheeks :) 

Just a little update on our little family. We are loving life, loving this life the Lord has given us, and even more excited about the future we see God laying in front of us!  We pray daily for our future African baby and walk in faith in our adoption process. One step closer each day! We pray for all of you and ask for your prayers for our family. We feel God stirring big things in us... and we want to be ready to say YES to all HE asks of us!

Prayers and Blessings to all - Dawn

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