Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pray for Who?

Over the next few weeks I hope to blog more. I have  A LOT stirring in my heart and on my mind that I would love to share with you. Whether one of you or a hundred of you are reading, my prayer is that something that is stirring in me, may also be stirring in you and the words (while often messy) that are typed here will bring common ground. Common ground to pray, to take action, to understand more together!

At the beginning of this year I felt the Lord say that this would be a year of Education. A year of education for myself, my children, and my family. And man has it been crazy and overwhelming in just the first few months. God has thrown a wide variety of subjects at me:

* fully worshiping Him
* joy in marriage (long standing)
* adoption crisis
* africa
* home school
* government (corruption and greed?)
* food (the good/bad/and ugly)
* wealth (and what God says)
* charismatic spiritual gifts (baptism in the holy spirit?)
* trafficking
* and more coming all the time...

So surely some of you will relate to wanting to know more, or feeling called to know more about one of those subjects??? I sure hope so because I plan to take some time to blog about each of them, and more as God drops them in my life as the days go on. My hope is that in writing out my thoughts on this journey so far, I can move forward, and see what God has for me beyond knowledge in these areas. And also I hope that I can touch something in some of you to do the same!

Today I want to briefly write/share on TRAFFICKING!
Here are a few facts -

*An estimated 2 million children (most of them girls) are sexually exploited in this industry

*Two children are sold into slavery every two minutes somewhere in the world. In the United states 1 out of 3 children who are kicked out or run away from home to escape the horror of sexual molestation or other abuse are forced into sexual slavery within 48 hours.

*50-60 percent of the trafficked children are under the age of 16

*An estimated $9.5 billion is generated in annual revenue from all trafficking activities, with at least 4 billion from the brothel industry.

*There are more "slaves" with-in the trafficking world today then "slaves" in any other time of our history.

These are just a few of the horrific facts about trafficking. This is another good document with more trafficking knowledge.

So why am I writing about this? I actually don't feel that it is "my" calling to go after this ministry. I do have some wonderful friends who have a strong heart for this ministry. One has a blog HERE that you can check out. But regardless if this is my area of ministry, I do know God calls us to care about these issues, to PRAY for these issues, and to DO something !!!  I have a few links at the bottom where you can find ways you can support some trafficking ministries.

Today though I am going to ask you to PRAY and to pray for some very specific things -

1- to pray for the innocent girls, the ones who have been trafficked and are stuck in this environment  and the ones that are in danger of being trafficked. Pray for their protection, and that they would have an encounter with the Holy God who loves them so dearly. 

2 - Pray for those who are working hard in this area of ministry. That God would open doors, pour out favor, and give supernatural powers to make changes in this area. 

3 - This is a prayer request that is deeply on my heart - And that is to pray for the "pimps and the john's".  I know some of you may be repulsed by these men that are bringing these girls into trafficking, and even worse purchasing these girls for sexual acts, but ... these are lost souls too... lost souls that can only be transformed with an encounter with our Lord and Savior.  Here is my thought - if we can save a girl from trafficking then that is wonderful, we have saved a girl and changed her life.  The unfortunate fact is that she will probably quickly be replaced by another girl. Not much skin of the "pimp's" back.  But if we can transform the heart and life of a "pimp or john" then there is a potential to save 100's of girls. If there is no "demand", then there is no need for a "supply". So if you are thinking PRAY FOR WHO? I urge you to really join me in praying for these lost souls.

It is an awkward feeling of compassion that I have for these "pimps and john's" as I have been a victim of abuse. A form of compassion that can only be explained as something from the Lord. But I do feel very strongly that this is a piece of the puzzle in this ministry that is missing. We must reach these (mostly) men, they must be transformed and this awful world of trafficking MUST STOP!!!

Please join me in prayer for these 3 specific things!

Check out the links below for just a few ways to support a Trafficking Ministry!


And feel free to comment with more trafficking ministry options that you know of!

I will post later about the world of trafficking that is not related to brothel's. I will feature some great ways to buy "Fair Trade" and find out what grocery store products may use trafficked children as employees!

Prayers and Blessings Friends - Dawn

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~ Rachel said...

You know my heart. Thanks for blogging on this. It is horrific. Pray for me as I further my journey. I'll pray for you as you continue yours.

Love you friend.