Monday, April 22, 2013

tis life...

Of course as soon as I decide to be a more dedicated blogger life gets away from me! I really feel like "life happened to me" last week.

I was thinking about the phrase "Life Happens" and thought - I really don't want to live just letting life happen, I want to "happen to life"

I don't want to be in control of life, I want the Lord to be in control. But I don't want to be a back seat passenger. I want to see the road the Lord has for us and rev up our engine and race after His good plans! I want to start our Monday excited about the week, excited for what God has in store, and excited how God will use us!

After feeling like I was a back seat passenger in my life last week just getting slung along for the ride I did some thinking of how to have a better week and guard our life from silly "busyness"

To achieve that, here are some things I am making sure to do to keep our days open to the Lord and not overwhelmed by the "world"

- I made sure we started the week with a clean house, clean laundry, and food in the fridge (for us when these things are taken care of then I don't get bogged down with them throughout the week)

- I double checked our schedule to make sure we weren't double or over booked anywhere!

- I am working to keep my to do list to a minimum (honestly do I need to have an ever growing list?)

- I am sitting and playing with the kids (sounds silly but often my to do list trumps my kid time - sounds crazy as a stay at home mom but lets be honest. so this week kids trump to do list! really that is how it should always be right?) our kids would much rather me play tea party, race cars, and puzzles then make them something cute for their room, or even do their laundry (there will be time for that later)

All that said... Its Monday night, I am about to head to bed and I feel excited for the rest of the week. Excited how God is blessing us, excited how God will bless these days, and excited for what is around the corner and right in front of my face!!!!

So this week - MAKE LIFE HAPPEN!!!!

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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Lauren {MERCY iNK} said...

friend, you've encouraged my heart today! i need to be there... so thanks for the wisdom!