Wednesday, February 26, 2014

adoption update 2/26

Talking adoption is both exciting and exhausting.

Exciting because adoption is something so deep and heavy on my heart daily, exhausting... well because adoption is so deep and heavy on my heart daily.  I often feel the need to "guard my heart" with adoption.

 I know that we are in the long haul in waiting to be matched with our child (2-3 years).  I know that as we wait our child will be in an orphanage with many many other children, just waiting for paperwork to process, waiting just like we are, waiting with no parents to love them, tuck them in at night, pray over them, snuggle and kiss them.  In fact many times the ratios are 20-30 kids to 1 adult.  I know that our child with other children will not have access to good nutrition, or medical care.  I know that our little one's road to becoming an orphan will leave them with emotional scars that we will be praying and working through for the rest of our lives.  What I know and what I don't know is exhausting..

This process is and will continue to be one of the hardest things we have done.  But it is also something that is BEYOND AMAZING.  Through adoption we have seen God move in ways like we have never got to personally experience before.  God has moved through us and through others all for the mission of bringing Prather #3 home to us.  I know that when Prather #3 comes home it will not just be a personal victory but a victory of the community that has rallied around us.  I also know that as we raise our child that comes from another country with emotional scars and confusion to deal with, we will have a community that will rise up and fight for our family and our child through this experience.. and that is AMAZING!

I know (we know) that we NEED this community. We NEED you all to hold us up when we can't hold ourselves up. We NEED you all to pray for things we don't even know we need prayer for.  We NEED you to offer support and encouragement when the days seem long and the road seems bumpy.  We NEED this army that God has blessed us with!

Right now we are asking you to consider committing to praying with us and our close family/friends.  We are asking for some specific prayer requests as this road continues.  We appreciate any of you that are offering up just one prayer for Prather #3 or daily/monthly prayer for him/her.  Here are the prayer requests that are on our heart right now  -

First,  I should say that we strongly believe that Prather #3 has been born and is living somewhere in Ethiopia. He or She may still be with their birth parents or may already be in the orphanage just waiting!  In saying that here are our current prayer requests -

*Safety - physically and emotionally
*Health - again physical and emotional
*The Birth Family -  their situation and their hearts
*Those who come in contact with Prather #3 - that they would show our child Love, Compassion, Kindness, and Protect Them
*Protection over his/her heart.
*Wisdom for steps in this journey for us and all others involved

This is our plea and our update.  Yes we are thankful for the financial support (beyond thankful actually) and the financial road for this journey is not over yet either.  Today though we are pleading for this amazing community to join hands with us and send prayers up for Prather #3!

If you are feeling led to commit to pray for our little one, please comment with your name and where you live, we are journaling a list and praying blessings over you and your family as well!

Thank You,
Prayers and Blessings - Dawn <3


Miranda said...

Sending prayers, positive energy, light and love for Prather#3! Standing strong in faith with the Prather's I'm already so attached to and love so dearly for health, happiness, and hospitality for P#3, and for all those whom surround him/her. May P#3 be protected and covered by the blood, comforted by God's gentle, loving arms holding him/her close, and blessed daily by His all enduring promises.
xo-Miranda, NC

The Kelty's said...

Dawn I think of you often and would be delighted to join your family in this journey of prayer. Kate Kelty

Deva Leah said...

You know you always have us in your corner! Standing with you all in prayer. Speaking blessings over your darling child <3

Katie said...

Have been and will continue to pray for these things!

Katie, Bridgewater VA

Laurie L said...

I'll be praying for you all.

You know where I live. ;)

Love, Laurie

Lynne Breeden said...
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Lynne Breeden said...

Adoption is very hard but Adoption in the end, is worth every minute of worry and frustration. Prather # 3 is "growing in your heart" and God is preparing for the homecoming into your family. Stay strong, prayers are with you and your family and most of all Prather #3.

Kristen said...

I have been and will continue to pray for your growing family! I spent some time praying for you and your sweet unnamed baby last night, and then I dreamed about you. It just confirmed to me that your family needs to be surrounded in prayer and that God's heart is in this. :)
Love, Kristen

Jennifer Kohl said...

I think of you and your adoption often and will keep your family, and Prather #3 in my prayers. I am so inspired by you and your family's love. Adoption is so close to my hart and I know how much it can bless the life of many, many people, for generations. Your family will be such a blessing to this little one!

Monica S. said...

We will pray for you guys and your #3. My mom and aunt are biological half-sisters and were adopted by the same family. It made a world of difference for them to be placed into a loving family. Thanks for being that loving family for someone else! :) xo!