Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hope in Handmade

Over the last few months we have been praying about a project over at Crafted in Grace. We are calling our new project Hope in Handmade.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to explain the heart behind this project and the logistics :)

In the last few months Alissa and I have been talking about doing some "Kingdom Work" with our little craft business.  For the most part our little side business is not much more then a fun hobby. We really enjoy making gifts and treasures for other mommas and friends.  We have been blessed by this hobby and are not looking to make it into a full time career.  At the same point we don't want to miss an opportunity to do something for the Lord in our little corner of the world.  We feel the Lord has blessed us with a bit of talent and we want to be a blessing to his people with our work.

A lot of times we think "well I can't make a difference, I'm just one person, so why try... "  To that I think Dr. Suess had the best reply  -

So here we are caring a WHOLE lot :)  We have several projects on our hearts. Projects that we know are moving in God's Kingdom.  The truth is... God doesn't NEED our little shop to do this work... He doesn't NEED us to do anything.  But the desire of our heart should be to serve the Lord with gladness, to thank Him for all He has done and to do what we can to make a difference. 

Now for the logistics:  We have decided that we will choose a project for each month to focus on, and during that month we will offer an exclusive product where the proceeds will go to that project.  This will give us a chance to do good in different projects that have our hearts.  Some projects you will see repeated and others may just be a one time adventure.  All in all we are giving this Hope in Handmade project over to the Lord.  We are placing it in His hands, and any success in our eyes and the Lords will be His doing and will be for His Glory!  

Lastly for the FUN part!!!  We are starting our first project today!!!!  We have decided to start it off with an "internal project"... lol. Our first project is an adoption fundraiser.  It is such an odd thing to do "self fundraising" but we KNOW that this adoption is of the Lord and the logistics of it are that it cost money$$$.   We have about $2,000 left for this installment payment and believe some crafty work will help us meet that goal.  We have come up with a fun spring project to bring to you and your littles!  All proceeds from this project will go to adoption funds.  So are you wondering what we are selling?? ;)

Well (drum roll... )  we have adorable applique shirts for you!  4 different patterns for little boys or girls.  Shirts can be made for your newborn all the way up to Youth XLarge.  Below are the pics of our shirts available and all purchases can be made on our Etsy page! 

Thank you so so much for joining us in our Hope in Handmade project!  We are so excited about the future of this monthly project!  And we hope that the goodies we are offering bless you and your littles and bring smiles on your faces :)  

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn 

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