Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eliana's costume

Eliana was a peacock this year for Halloween and we both loved it! Originally the plan was that she would be Tinkerbell again since her costume fit her and is a fun costume from nanna. But when I was on pinterest Eliana saw a picture of a peacock costume and decided that she wanted to be that instead. Of coarse I couldn't pass up an opportunity to be crafty so I gathered supplies and went to work. I checked out the tutorial of the first costume and then made some of my own adjustments for Eliana's costume.

First we chose a purple peacock theme instead of teal... well... because we wanted too!

I made your basic tutu with a few adjustments. I sewed a piece of elastic for the base tutu, but then because I wanted it to have a lot of body I added a second piece of elastic to the original elastic piece that went from one hip to the other hip. Basically in the back there were two pieces of elastic to double layer the tutu section (I know I should have taken a picture of this... sorry)

This is the bottom layer of the tutu. I did black on each hip ends and then added color as I worked my way to the center. I cut these pieces of tutu longer then the top layer and then added the ribbon with the felt peacock feathers.  I wanted to create that long flowing effect on the bottom layer.

This is the top layer, the pieces are half the length and used about three pieces per loop so it would be really full. I also only used the purple and pink pieces on the top layer and then added the felt peacock feathers. I did consider adding some real peacock feathers but I thought the combo of real and fake might be a little awkward.

For the felt feathers I used 3 colors, hot glued them together, and then hot glued them to sparkly purple ribbon. Then I just knotted them onto the elastic to lay in with the tutu.

I did make Eli some hair clips with real peacock feathers and some of the purple tulle as well.  Its hard to see in the picture but she wore her hair in a "mohawk" of ponytails with tulle and the clips. It created a really fun peacock effect.

For the rest of her outfit we had her wear a purple dress and black tights and undershirt. This was easy and stuff we already had and she will wear again. On the front of the elastic piece we wrapped it in purple tulle so you wouldn't see the elastic where the tutu stopped. Overall I was really happy with how the costume turned out and especially loved how full it was. It will be a great addition to the dress up collection and can't wait for what she decides she wants to be next year :)

Love and Prayers Always - Dawn


~ Rachel said...

Love it ~ so cute. Love the little man's also. Saturday at Trunk or Treat at Concord, one of the MOPS fams had the same outfit/shirt as O's, except that she had a little baby skeleton in her belly (she is pregnant) and Dad had a burger, fries, and shake in his. Cracked me up. Can't wait to see you next month, even if it is for just an hour or two!!

Christie said...

What cute costumes! You did such a great job & I love all the details on the peacock costume!