Monday, December 29, 2014

30 and Thankful!!

I must admit I have felt a little.... well odd about turning 30. I'm not upset about getting older or anything like that, I am excited for each new year and what it is bringing... but I also really enjoyed saying I was in my 20's, there is something fun about being 20! Of course today I woke up as 30 and feel exactly the same! LOL... Life is fun, sweet, exciting, adventurous, full, and so much more!  So to embark on this new decade I want to express thankfulness!

30 thankful things:
1. My husband (man he's a hottie)
2. This life God has blessed me with
3. How God has changed me and continues to grow me
4. My sweet little family (I love being a momma)
5. Our bigger family.. so much love and support around us
6. The sweet people I get to call friends 
7. Our cute little house here in Manhattan KS
8. The adventures we have been blessed with
9. The pain in life that has brought beauty
10. Answered Prayers
11. And unanswered Prayers
12. Being Crafty (I love creating something)
13. Cooking
14. Good Restaurants (from a food snob)
15. Running (love hate relationship)
16. A good school for the kids (such a blessing)
17. This crazy adoption process (did I mention crazy)
18. A good vehicle that takes us on all our road trips safely and cozy like
19. Good Babysitters (they rule the world and make it sweeter)
20. Our Dog-ter Chloe (the first born, love her so)
21. Gardening (good for the soul and the dinner table) 
22. Summer Time (and all things hot)
23. And Snow (I do like snow its true) 
24. Clothes that make me feel pretty
25. A good mani/pedi (it makes me feel extra pretty
26. Our Business and the Team of Amazing people that are a part of it 
27. HOPE (trusting there is better ahead.. always) 
28. Target (lets be honest we all love Target) 
29. Date Nights (yes please)
30. A quiet moment and a good book 

There it is... my 30 thankful things, life is too good to not be thankful!  It doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but it means that by choosing thankfulness we see the blessings, the good stuff, and the other stuff fades away!  Choose thankfulness and therefore choose JOY!

Prayers and Blessings - Dawn

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